SOLD! This too shall pass …

The sufferings of the present time are nothing compared to the glory that will be revealed to us.

Romans 8:18

This was the reading I woke up to this morning. My husband and I have been experiencing a few challenges for the last couple of years. They seem to come in a dump all at once within a couple of hours – like some sort of checkpoint in a video game. Except this is real life. I deal with the drama and the trauma by seeking comfort in the Truth that is the Word of God. You might know it as the Bible.

Todays reading is a perfect blend of acknowledgement and encouragement. Yes. We have been suffering. But don’t worry, these times are nothing compared to the glory to come.

People say “why does God let bad things happen to good people? Where was God when … (this happened)?”. It’s so easy to point the finger at God, shake a fist, push away, well, everybody.

Not many people realise that we are in a spiritual battle. This spiritual battle plays out in everything all around us. Yes. God is real and so is the Enemy. And you know what? The Enemy hates us. Not just me. Not just you. Us. All humans. Sound a bit Star Wars- ish? Well, the inspiration for the ultimate battle between good and evil had to come from somewhere – just don’t believe the Father of Lies.

Why am I writing this? Isn’t this blog supposed to be about “how to survive having babies” (cue video on dealing with poo-nami) or something about agut-health program (here’s the link) and surviving the prodigious proliferation of obesity-related diseases? Maybe it’s just about surviving.

For me. For us. For my family, when life gets tough and stuff happens we find comfort in faith. We put our hope in Christ. Because God is real.

Only you don’t get to experience a relationship with Him unless you’ve crossed the Bridge. That Bridge was created when Jesus died for our sins.

“Sin” separates us from God. Until we cross the Bridge, there will be no Comfort in the arms of the Father when you are drowning in the lies of the Enemy. (And this morning I thought I was going to be writing about the importance of adequate hydration. I got as far as the title – “Water is life!”).

Let me tell you the story about our first house…

We bought it our first year in Australia. My hubby and I moved over from NZ and landed in Karratha after giving birth in Sydney. I had just landed a job in native title as a lawyer when we visited relations in a new suburb just north of Mandurah. The mines were booming. Rio Tinto had just posted a 16 billion dollar profit the year before. Times were good.

It was the last block on a street filled with show homes. Across the road was a park, community centre and private school. A retirement village was up the road. Plans for a new shopping complex, aquarena and public school were in the vicinity and a bus stop was outside the backdoor.

So we whacked down $1000 as a deposit on a house and land package to settle in 6 months. It was a great deal. The development company let us off 10k on the land value for instant capital gains. We built a beautiful light, bright and airy house and had another baby. We were so clueless. Happy new landowners with no idea about what was to come.

Skip forward a couple of years and we have 3 mortgages over 2 properties. One we live in in Geraldton. We have 2 children and we both work fulltime.

The mining industry was in decline. So we rent out our first house thinking to sell it “at some stage”. Only the property management becomes too much for us to deal with and do life, so we out source.

Skip forward a couple of years. We have 3 children, one income and our first house is on GWN 7 news. A teenage party at the house got out of hand. There’s helicopters, police dogs and an officer gets knocked unconscious on the doorstep. Yes. It really is OUR house. In.The.NEWS!!!

When we rented to this couple (aka the Respondents), the property manager told us how lovely the family was. “I know them” she said. “They’re good tenants” she said. “We have expertise in this market” she said. Well, after months of trying to lock down an inspection, we view our first house and realise it’s been used as a hydroponic marijuana farm! For years. Sorry. Suspected. Nothing proven. Just damp carpet, that distinctive horrid smell throughout, extended bathroom hoses and the marks where the cameras were posted. Not to mention the broken doors and locks – fixed to pass a cursory inspection. Did ya see that coming? We didn’t!

We found out the day my hubby lost his job, got another one, flew back to Perth and drove back to Geraldton. It was a very busy day.

It was Tuesday 30 October. The Day of the Dead. I was with friends and they wouldn’t let me leave without a sit down prayer time.

Prayer is a funny thing. You can cry out “Jesus help me!” And stuff happens. Weird “coincidences”. But if you believe in God, then nothing is a coincidence. God says:

I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

If you pray fervently with others you action Truth through the Word. The Bible says pray fervently. It is written: “Where two or more are gathered, there I will be also”. That’s why our hope is in Christ and that’s why we pray. Fervently.

I don’t hope that my hubby will get another job (or clean the house or mow the lawn or “insert wish here”). I hope that Jesus answers my prayer in a way that clearly guides us to act with wisdom and clarity in a way that brings glory to God.

We are coming to the final stages in the First House saga. That drama is about to end. Looking back I realise what we have gained far surpasses what we have lost.

We lost money. We gained immeasurable intangible treasures that come from the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, gentleness, kindness, patience, faithfulness, goodness and self-control. These gifts flow into our soul.

While we are still sinners (broken, imperfect) Christ died for us to walk that Bridge and connect with our Creator at a soul level. At a physical level as we go about our day, we walk in peace. We are more loving and gentle with each other. We put our hope in Christ. We look forward to the incomparable glory to be revealed to us because of God’s plans for us.

Ps. Drink more water. It is good for you.

Pps. Please comment if you would like us to pray for you. ♡

2 thoughts on “SOLD! This too shall pass …”

  1. That is pretty compelling reading god inspired journey I love that through it all the lord has ever so gently held you in the palm of his hand and lead you to trust in him and his word. he is the potter we are the clay.
    Thank you for sharing AWESOME bless the lord o my soul.

    Liked by 1 person

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