Buccs fans in the stands … Let’s Go Dad!

Ok its time for a basketball post about my favourite player. No, not LeBron, Jordan or Steve Adams (looove Adams!!!) … Meet WA SBL Quadrio Geraldton Buccaneers Basketball player #12 a.k.a. my dear husband.

#12 had a blinder last weekend. That’s #12 for his player number not that he’s my twelfth husband. I only ever intend to have one (husband that is). In the past a “blinder” may have meant a late night out imbibing our way through too much alcohol. But that was not the case last weekend.

Last weekend the Geraldton State Basketball League (SBL) team, the Quadrio Buccaneers, a.k.a. the “Buccs” played the Kalgoorlie Giants. Twice. Four times if you bench for the SBL and play in the Development League like #12 does.

It was a double header (or is that Quadrio header???) over the long weekend. The first game was at the home of the Geraldton Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) and the Buccs – the Activewest Basketball Stadium in Geraldton. Then the players, coaching staff and team support hopped onto their respective charter planes and winged their way to Kalgoorlie and did it all over again.

If it’s on Facebook, it’s real, right?

We know #12 played well because the GABA Buccs Facebook page posted up a pic of #12 in the air with the ball of all things! If it’s on Facebook you know it’s real, right? It’s proof. Certifiable. No fake news here. There he was. He got on the court. He scored?

Yes! That is a GABA post about how much #12 scored on the weekend – cue cheesy double entendre about sports jocks scoring after games … except he’s married. To me. Well those 4 kids didn’t make themselves. Everyone knows I get excited at his games – just watch my Facebook lives.

#12 is having a great season when he’s not at work.

Then Facebook brought up a memory of #12 showing 10 years difference in four photos with Ike’s post saying he wished he had his 22 year old legs back. He doesn’t have a Dad bod but everyone feels the passing of time.

2016 in the top photos and 2006 in the bottom photos. Can you see me in the bottom pics?
#12 v Wanneroo 2016
#12 Ike Smith tongue falls out when he’s tired but hes’ not the only one who’s tired. #15 Buccs v Wanneroo

For #12, basketball is his jam. His joy. Like the Snickers bar ad – he’s just not himself without a game. But you can always tell when he’s tired.

We want him to play as long as possible at a high level for as long as he can. To this end, I have been feeding him various supplements for some time. It is my own personal experiment just to see what works. How long can we get him to continue to do what he loves because the clock is ticking.



And then there are these two shots.

Ike Smith 2018
Ike Smith 2016
Ike Smith 2016

OK so maybe it’s the timing of the shot when the photo was taken. But what if it’s not?

There is an expectation that as we get older we slow down, lose our bounce and just can’t do the things we used to. Mostly, this is true due to the habits of a lifetime catching up to us. We blame our age not our habits. But what if we we could turn back time? What if following a gut-health program and a supplement regime could bring back our bounce? And what if it was easy???

Yes. You guessed it! I put #12 on the stuff – a regime (as much as he will let me) that includes foods and nutritional support adjusted for high level sport and long physical work hours. He is slowly becoming converted – one product at a time. Especially after he saw these shots. Or it might have been the dunk? You know it’s not a coincidence when his last dunk was … 2? or 3? years ago. No Dad bods here!

I now have him starting on Liquid BioCell. Watch this space!!!

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