PH@TT Again! How to lose 10-15kgs (22-33 pounds) in 30 days.

Putting health at the top (Phatt) is a gut-health program that has helped thousands lose weight and gain life.

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NO shakes. No monthly fees. No exercise. Just real food, protein & vegies plus the nutritional support.

A healthy digestive system is the cornerstone of overall health, well-being and vitality. Our digestive system is responsible for breaking down nutrients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates into cellular building blocks that support our immune system balance as well as providing energy and eliminating toxins. If our gut help is poor or not functioning effectively it can lead to broader health issues.

How would you feel if you could walk into any store and buy the outfit on the mannequin? Or play sport like you used to? Or even just to have more confidence and extra energy throughout the day? Well you can! But you need to know how.

Our people are losing 10-15kgs (22-33 pounds) in 30-40 days.


Meet Huia. Mum, mentor, magician???

“I lost my baby weight in 12 days through Phatt after the birth of #4 baby by c-section. I lost 14.5kgs in March 2018. But the best thing about it was that Phatt gave me the tools to keep my energy high while loving my newborn, chasing after the other three children and dealing with fifo life. I still had sleepless (newborn), lonely (fifo) nights but I felt good and confident in myself.”

Phatt is a program like no other. It targets adipose fat loss from around your organs – lungs, liver and heart, reshaping your body while you lose fat (not water or muscle).

We use Modere’s quality products as our nutritional support for our program. Modere is backed by 25 years of top quality scientific research and live clean philosophy.

Phatt consists of 3 easy stages: detox, restoring gut-health and maintenance.

Seek professional medical advice if taking any medication and prior to starting this health and weightloss program.

How it works …

Stage 1: Detox

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This is where we get off the sugar merry-go-round, start to balance out our hormones and get our appetite under control.We start eating healthy following a “no gps” (grains, potatoes and sugar) process. Members eat from the Approved Step 1 Food list with no restriction on calories.

Stage 2: Gut Health – Calorie Restriction

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This is where we rest our gut by following a restricted diet and Step 2 Meal Plan. Our meal plans are based on fod maps and developed to be suitable for those suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for optimal gut-health balance and re-set.

We start to heal our gut by restricting what we put in it. Mono-eating – one protein and one vegetable at each meal allows our gut to rest becoming more effective. Our nutritional support is vital at this stage to ensure our energy levels are kept high and our appetites are under control.

Stage 3: Maintenance


Of course you will want to learn how to maintain your health in a way that is sustainable long term. Stage 3 we teach you how to eat to sustain your weightloss.

All 3 stages are important for successful sustainable weightloss. If you want to lose more weight, simply go back to stage 1 and repeat!

We don’t believe in fad diets that result in piling back on even more weight than you lost the minute you stop taking the magic pills. People who decide to do a diet for a month then quit are simply wasting time and money. Our Phatt program is a lifestyle change and requires an adjustment towards healthier living for the rest of your life.

Our meal plans have been developed by expert nutritionists for a balanced diet. During the program you will be assigned a personal mentor who can address any specific questions relating to the meal plans or nutritional support. Our team is here to support you throughout your health journey. We ask that you remain accountable by texting your daily weight. By doing so we can:

  • Tweak the program to suit your own individual needs;
  • Best assist you during your weightloss journey;
  • Hold you accountable for your health and weightloss goals;
  • Celebrate and walk with you so that you are not alone!

What is the Phatt program worth?

What you are reading about here is an amazing opportunity for people who want to change their lives by losing weight, gaining energy, enhancing their mood and in increasing their vitality.

Pricing is for a one-off payment that varies slightly subject to product availabilty and between countries. Australian residents would expect to pay from $281.60 the recommended nutritional support products. This is NOT a monthly fee. You may only have to pay this once depending on how good you feel and weight you have lost.

Let’s have a look at what you will get with the program …

  • A pack of Modere product specifically designed to meet your personal nutritional support needs during 30+ days on the program.
  • Approved foods lists 1, 2 & 3.
  • Meal plans step 2 & 3. Vegetarian plans available.
  • Product and nutritional protocol
  • Access to our MEMBERS ONLY Facebook community groups.
  • Access to our MEMBERS ONLY Phatt food groups.

Bonus: join today and recieve $10 discount off your Modere nutritional support plus you will recieve FREE personal mentoring support. Our trained mentors are here to help get you started offering support and guidance at each step along the way to help you achieve your gealth and weightloss goals.

Putting Health At the Top has transformed thousands of lives and it WILL change your life too!

So, the question is …

are YOU ready?

Ready to take back control of your weight, your health and your life?

If the answer is a resounding YESS!💯

Just send me your email and contact details through this link ⬇⬇⬇

YES! I’m ready!

To your Good Health!

Huia xx

P.s. Don’t forget, once your order for your nutritional support has been confirmed, there are no additional fees. No monthly fees or payments and you will get full access to the Phatt program plus your own personal mentor. What are you waiting for? Join now!

P.p.s. Have you still got questions??? Want to know more about the products or the program? Head on over to “Start Here!” or feel free to message me below ⬇⬇⬇ or leave a comment!

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