Does Gut-Health Have to be about Kombucha and Kefir???

I did this amazing weight loss program called PHATT or Putting Health At the Top, that targets adipose/visceral fat loss from around our organs. It also addresses gut health through diet and nutritional support. It works. Read more about Phatt here.

When I google “gut-health” now though all these topics on fermented foods come up. It just makes me wonder. I get that fermented food produces “good” bacteria that assists in dissolving our food but so does adequate chewing.

Surely eating a balanced fresh foods diet would also aid our digestive system? What about cruciferous vegetables? What if we’re too busy to make our own Kombucha or kefir or (insert food trend here)? Surely there has to be a better way than just forking out the dosh for a regular supply of the latest trending dietary fad. Coconut oil is not a fad for people raised on an island but doesn’t really makes sense in, say, Alaska.

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