Mum Life: #4 has Superpowers!

There are 6 draft blogs waiting to write themselves. A pile of washing is on the bed in the spare room and dishes are in the sink about to wash themselves. There’s laundry, homework supervision, meal times, dishes, pets to feed and plenty of other reasons to avoid blogging. Yes. I am a Stay At Home Mum – a SAHM. I have 4 children and currently spend my life as a part time solo mother every 2 weeks.

Look into my eyes! You are feeling sleepy … You will not notice two hours disappear!

Then there are these twin pools of laser tractor beams that fixate on me during my busiest times, holding me helplessly captive, totally enraptured as time marches past.

I thought #4 babies were neglected. I thought they were the last in line for any kind of attention as energy followed birth order.

Nos #1, #2, #3 and #4

At our house, the oldest is the one with the most needs based training. That’s parental training not children training. He has had the most time to know how to wrap us around his little finger. #2 is gifted with a talent for being annoying (something she may or may not have inherited from her mother or any other matriarchial figure in her genealogy). #3 was born Princess Sass a.k.a. Queen but #4 has Superpowers!

Even naked she is charming and beguiling.

Ever since the first moment I saw her I found her fascinating. She arrived a little squishy – like a little alien with big hands.When she was less than 10 minutes old she was ready to feed.

I often forget whatever I was doing …. even this article is under her influence!


Yes. I am her mother and this is my blog. It’s just that so many people see her and their faces just light up with the biggest smiles! I have tried to capture this strange phenomenon. These happy smiling faces of friends and more friends and well friends not met yet.

I praise God for the gifts that are all my children and especially #4 and the joy she brings people by her existence. Glory in His Holy name!




#4 wrapping #12 around her finger…


Warning! Word quota is expiring …

Phew! She’s asleep, finally! Now what was I doing again???

(c) copyright all photos

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