When your biggest Troll is your husband …

I love my husband I really do. We have an interesting relationship that works for us despite our seemingly endless list of differences.

Let’s look at a couple …

He’s an introvert. I’m an extrovert. He enjoys watching movies and netflix marathons. I enjoy socialising and “catching up” with people. He is not bothered by crowds when he is in the middle of his “jam”. Don’t interrupt me when I am reading, typing or speaking – I just want to be alone in my head till I’m done.

Early in our relationship I asked him why he liked me. Was he drawn to my razor-sharp wit? My stunning beauty? My astonishing athletic ability? His answer? “It’s because you are so annoying!”. Yeah, nah, so not what I was expecting.

But nothing he does is ever what I expect. I am constantly challenged by his perspective on life, events and the world in general. It’s always fresh to me. There is no doubt that he feels challenged by me in the same way. That’s not to say we are never on the same page. We are when it counts. Everything else is just the small stuff. You know what they say … Don’t sweat the small stuff.

To make a marriage work you must have a sense of humour. You must practice forgiveness and you must agree 100% on the important things, like family values, commitment and God. Why God? Because it takes working towards a big thing to keep two insanely different people together.

Then why is he my biggest troll??? Aren’t trolls infuriatingly negative people who spam your feed with negative comments ruining any potential for conversion? Why yes! But it’s all a matter of perspective. We are two distinctive individuals choosing each other as our favourite people. When I understand why he “trolls” me then it’s not just funny- its laugh out loud hilarious.

Solely thinking about my objectives, perspective and intentions would determine that his “involvement” in my social media efforts are at best a mockery if not downright derogatory. But my hope is not in him. My “success” is not determined ny whether my husband “likes” my posts. I am quite an insular person in that regard. Of course it would be “nice” if he did. But where is the challenge in that? How would I grow? What would prompt some much needed reflection? Oh and the product had already sold out.

It’s a little impossible to sell a product that was already sold out, right? So the nett effect of all his comments was zilch. Nada. No outcome changed here. Unless you count the fact that it has given me legit fodder for my blog … muahahaha.

Before the big reveal, here are a few disclaimers … I am paid from referrals to market Modere products on social media. I recently had a baby and with my 3 other children, I haven’t had a decent night’s rest for about 6 years. Sleep is the no # 1 factor for the major indicators of youth. Sleep deprivation will age you and your looks faster than most anything else other than hands on motherhood. My dear husband is currently working two weeks away then two weeks home rotation. I am literally left holding the baby for two weeks in every month.

Secondly, my husband loves me. In our conversation on our respective devices I basically asked him the social media equivalent of “does my butt look fat in this dress?” At that time he was over-tired, lonely, possibly physically exhausted and really missing me and the kids. Pictures of his tired wife in a poor attempt at hustle (everyone knows you should pick the best photos for social media and not necessarily those that reflect reality the most honestly and my reality was a bit brutal at this time), only reminded him that working away is hard on all of us. Also I know from experience that we sometimes lose our patience because we miss each other. It would be much easier just to say “I miss you” than “Yes! Your butt looks huge!” Or “why are you acting like a …!” Or in this story “Yes! You look tired!”

One last disclaimer, Tuesday is his actual fly in and fly out day. However, I neither confirm nor deny that it was that Tuesday following his posts that he was flying home.

Bearing all this in mind, let’s review #12’s response to my photo diary on Liquid BioCell Pure …

It was a simple “before” and “after” post. The intention was to show an obvious improvement in skin clarity and tone, hydration and other “youthful” indicators. Unfortunately I had just started my blog and the onky time to do it was laste at night when the four rats were sleeping. The result in truth was that my “after” photos looked worst than my “before” photos. But don’t tell my husband I said that.

So far so good. No drama right? Like, who cares? Well … umm … i do… kinda? All I said was “Hon, what do you think of my post?” Then I may have mentioned it once or twice more in the 20 seconds following this question. At which time he may have expressed some tired frustration including f – bombs. Well, you see f – bombs always make me hang up. So after getting the dial tone and not even speaking with the kids, um, this happened???

Just a little furious typing… followed by a mic drop … like … boom!

And my response …

I literally lost words trying to define how I felt about this. Yes. It was infuriating. But that t-shirt shot is hilarious! And sold out remember??? That means a whole bunch of other people think this stuff is awesome! And that’s probably the worst part.

I actually did experience some amazing benefits that can’t be expressed adequately through social media. Like softer skin, increased energy, sharpening eyesight. Other than photos, how do you portray a feel or sight? What about a “before” skin and “after” skin stroke? Touchy, touchy anyone?

This is not the first time #12 and I have approached marketing on social media differently. Me, taking everything way too seriously and #12 not being serious enough.

Observe this throwback to our Nu Skin days.

He is the most infuriating man in my life and simultaneously the most interesting. My favourite human is #12.

We sharpen each other up.

One last word before it’s lights out for me. I’ve started a blog challenge. The Ultimate Blog Challenge to be precise. Yep. This is Day 1. Only 30 more days to go!

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Huia xx

10 thoughts on “When your biggest Troll is your husband …”

  1. My husband and I are different as well but it what makes me tick and I would be so happy if he would TROLL my blog but he doesn’t although he does tell everyone what I do and draws me in to talk to people I wouldn’t talk to on my own. Which has lead to new jobs so I believe both of us are blessed.

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    1. Yes. Totally agree. I have learnt not to push my expectations on him because it never works out how I expect. I find it easier just to accept him as he is and then we both can relax and enjoy each other more.


  2. Cherish the fact that you enjoy and annoy each other. It’s a true blessing! We’ve been doing it for over 30 yrs now. PS – you look great.

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  3. Nice to know I’m not the only one infuriated by my man. It can be tough but oh so worth it! Usually… lol. Thanks for the perspective.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Cindy! I was burning up about this blog and finally decided to write it up. It’s nice to know others get this too! 😘


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