Things we do for fun …

It’s Day 7 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and the suggested topic of the day is … what we do for fun! This weekend we are on the road following our favourite basketball team.

In Western Australia, the State Basketball League is getting to the business end of the competitions. There are only four weekends left until the playoffs begin for the top eight teams. The top two teams have just swapped position tonight with a sizeable gap to third and fourth pretty much a done deal. The last four positions from 5th to 8th are still up for grabs though.This means a lot of the lower end teams in the competition are hungry for a last minute drive for that 8th spot or above to cement their place in the playoffs.

Being resident in Geraldton on the west coast of Australia, our favourite team is of course the Quadrio Geraldton Buccaneers.

State basketball league SBL WA Geraldton Buccaneers

Buccs fans in the stands!

This fine sunny crisp winter morning we loaded up the car with our weekend bags and lunch, buckled in the four kids and drove off to Perth to watch the Buccaneers play the Cockburn Cougars.

It’s a five hour drive with the four kids and Grandma in the car. I’m super grateful everyone can fit in our 7 seater prius – just.

One thing that still boggles my brain even after 9 years is the sheer size of Australia. I grew up on an island in the South Pacific Ocean. Sure it was a bigger island than most, but still – you can only drive for 5 hours from north to south or back in Aotearoa/New Zealand. In some parts of the North Island, an hour drive east or west will see you in the water on your way to the U.S.

We’ve spent our most quality time as a couple trapped together in a confined space for 5-6 hours. We’ve learnt a few things on these trips.

  1. You can not get away.
  2. We do not like the same music.
  3. A vehicle will work in lieu of a ” get-a-long shirt”.
  4. I do, eventually, run out of words …
  5. Oh yes. The great pearl of all time in our relationship – I am loved because I am “annoying”.

Thanks Agnes! You did great work preparing your son for a lifetime with me.

Early in the drive we passed the most photographed tree in all of Australia. Every week at least 1 bus load of Japanese stop and take a photo of the “Leaning Tree” against this stunning skyline.

We made good time on our trip enjoying the view and the company. We are seasoned car travellers these days and have the food and comfort stops timed perfectly.

We get Dad to drive because it distracts him from the discomfort of not quite fitting into the seat. Most of my photos of him over the years look very much like this one.

We arrive in Perth just in time for a quick coffee stop with Aunty Pauls then rock up to Willy Hagan Basketball Stadium in Cockburn or “Uriwera”. That’s a joke that never gets old.

The General Manager of the Cockburn Cougars is Amiria Driscoll. She was Court Manager for the Waikato Pistons back when they won the national title with a rookie Ike Smith aka #12.

What?! You don’t know who #12 is????! Well, we love him! And we really enjoy watching him play. You could say, it’s what we do for fun.

Oh sorry! Did you want to hear about the game? Tune into my fb profile to watch the live feed or follow #buccsnation or follow my blog … I’m sure to write about the Lakeside game for Day 7 Ultimate Blog Challenge!

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Huia xx

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