What happened at Lakeside Stadium?

Did you hear what happened at Lakeside Recreation Center on Sunday?

It’s Day 8 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and the family and I are still in Perth doing what we do for fun.

#buccsnation sbl

Let’s go Buccs!

Today, we are headed off to Lakeside Recreation Center to watch the Geraldton Buccaneers play Lakeside Lightening in Round 17 of the Western Australian (WA) State Basketball League (SBL).

Basketball baptist outreach lakeside recreation centre
Get to know Jesus Christ through basketball.

The Sunday game was set for the later time of 2pm (Wa) due to Church starting at 9:30am. The Lakeside Lightening SBL team home games are held in a purpose built recreation center owned and operated by Baptist Basketball.

On the trip to Perth I had tried to talk #12 darling into turning up at Lakeside early for the Baptist Basketball church session they have on their Home Court every Sunday but to no avail. I then tried to talk him into coming along to Kingdom City because his cousin was singing but even that was a firm “no, not even remotely tempted”. So we left him at home “chillax-ing” while we went to get our praise on. We followed our Aunty and cousin to church at Kingdom City in Mandurah.

During the service the Pastor was speaking on how everyone has been given special gifts and talents. He used the example of how the early church experienced issues so they nominated people to different roles thereby delegating tasks formerly undertaken by the twelve disciples of Christ. Each task given to someone according to their talents.

Jesus Christ is Lord church God is real

Kingdom City Mandurah

He compared this time to when he went to church as a child and the “pasta ” did this and the “pasta ” did that with not much delegation at all. Every time he said “Pastor”, I was thinking “hmm… fettucine… angel hair… spaghetti…”- I blame the accent and skipping breakfast.

Why am I telling you this? Because when we got invited to coffee and cake after the service I said “yes” (for the cake) and that ultimately made us late for the game. That and the three wrong turns trying to get on and off the Kwinana Freeway.

We finally pull into the Lakeside carpark and a bunch of people are standing around outside. There’s sirens in the distance coming closer but nothing odd registered until we recognised some of those people as our friends and their children. “Don’t bother rushing inside”, she said. “There’s been a pretty bad accident. It’ll take awhile.”

What? Who? How? What?

Apparently, a Lakeside player, #20 J. Isenbarger, went up for a lay up, collided mid-air with Buccs player #10 Aaron Ralph and fell in such a way that he shattered bones in his foot. It was apparently very obvious by the angle of his foot that bones had been broken.

No one ever wishes injury on other players – particularly one like this. There was 2:26 left on the clock for the first quarter. He had played the first 8 minutes, scored 9 points plus offensive rebounds before being rolled out on a stretcher. Lakeside had just lost their #1 player when Isenbarger left the stadium. Click the link to watch the video of him leaving.

Sbl basketball lakeside lightening 2018

J. Isenbarger departs Lakeside Recreation Center

It was a very exciting game. Lakeside were chasing a top 4 spot for the home game advantage in the playoffs amd the Buccs were looking to secure the #1 finishing spot to playoff #8 for obvious reasons.

Buccs Captain #23 Matthew Wundenberg had stirling games under the hoop clearing out the opposition and picking up rebounds. #6 E.J. Ross had a strong presence on court throughout. Buccs #10 had one of the most accurate games of the season.

Bryan Michaels #13 for Lakeside Lightening was their top scorer at a whopping 37 points. While Lakeside Captain Jarrod Prue demonstrated why he’s Captain, the other big man for Lakeside #21 Daniel Aleksander fouled out with 5:26 left in the game. Without taking away fron #13 efgorts, there is no doubt Isenbarger left a hole in the Lakeside line up making their top 5 scorers even after leaving at 2:26 on the clock in the first quarter.

In the end it was Buccs #6 E.J. Ross dropping 11 points in a row that ended the Lakesides last comeback late into the 4th quarter that saw the Buccs on top at fulltime 103:94.

You can watch the first half after the accident and the second half of the game from my Facebook live replays on my profile – just click on the links.

All in all it was a magnificent display of athleticism by some very talented athletes. Perhaps fanning the flames for aspiring players.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Huia xx

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