Top Ten reasons for no sleep at our house.

Its Day 10 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and todays prompt is to make a list of top ten things (paraphrase).

1. We just got home from Perth. All the kids slept in the car on the way home and now they are wide AWAKE!I did not sleep. I could not sleep because I was driving. My. Eyeballs. Are. Hanging. Out.

2. We are home. Everyone is in bed. Except #1. #1 was in bed. #1 now has toothache. Sudden onset. He’s crying outside my bedroom door while I’m pretending to be asleep. Obviously I’m not- I’m writing my blog! Ok. So I got him some advil.

3. #3 wet the bed. There’s always one. It’s get up, strip the bed, strip the 3 year old. Wash said 3 year old, dry her off. Dress her and put her to bed. In my bed because hers is drying.

4. Meanwhile #1 has crept into my room, onto my bed and crawled under the covers. His tooth has miraculously healed. He tells me he’s here to keep me company while Dad is away because I might get lonely by myself. I send him to the far side of the bed so I can pretend I don’t know he’s there.

5. #2 wakes up because she had a bad dream. She’s crying. Lucky we have a King sized bed…

6. An elbow jambs into my lower back. It’s feels nothing like a swedish massage.

7. A foot connects with my kidneys.

8.The baby wakes up and with great gurgling delight tells me it’s time for her morning feed.

9.#3 is standing over my head. Looming. She wants to watch cartoons. Will I please get up and turn it on? Pretty pleeese Mummy?

10. It’s morning. I give up and get up to make breakfast.

Um … Dad?

Only 13 more “sleeps” to go before Dad comes home! Yippee!

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Huia xx

5 thoughts on “Top Ten reasons for no sleep at our house.”

  1. Oh babies! I will stop complaining about my dog that woke me up last night and I couldn’t fall back asleep. Hopefully you sleep better tonight!


    1. Thanks Jyll! One day my son won’t want to snuggle his mummy at 2am in the morning so I think it’s worth losing a little sleep over. Sleep is overrated!


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