Meet Toothless’ Cousin, Chloe … Day 11 UBC

It’s Day 11 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and time to share a photo!

Meet Toothless’s cousin, Chloe.

Cat katze neko ngeru rescue Geraldton Cat Rescue
Chloe aka grumpy cat

Chloe was a rescue cat that begged, cajoled and hustled her way home with us one day. We had been looking to adopt a cat from Midwest Cat Shelter and were visiting a list of cats we liked the look of from photos on their Facebbook page.

We had gone to visit Franklin and brought home bith Franklin and Chloe. Franklin had hid under the chair and refused to come out. He was so anti-social I forget why I agreed to take him home. Compare with Chloe – and you have a gregarious, outgoing, loving and talkative feline leaving her fur all over your shins. At least that eas the first impression.

We still think to this day that they switched personalities in the car on the way home. Unfortunately Franklin was run over crossing the road two years later (there were no chickens involved that we know of).

But Chloe. Well. We finally got her to stop scratching us when we pat her (or look at her). We discovered she has a weakness for crackers. Bbq shapes are her favourite actually.

Many packets of crackers and pieces of chicken later she is finally as friendly as she had us belive three years ago.

Have you ever adopted a rescue cat?

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Huia xx

7 thoughts on “Meet Toothless’ Cousin, Chloe … Day 11 UBC”

  1. My Father-in-law adopted a rescue cat, which then my wife and I took on. I wasn’t too happy at first, because I wanted to get a dog, but Amy was such a gentle black-and-white cat that you couldn’t help but love her. I used to wake up in the night with her cheek resting on my neck and she would wake us up by gently placing her paw on our lips. She lived to about 13 and we still miss her.


    1. Awwww! That’s so sweet! That’s what we thought Chloe was like instead of the fiery hairball she was when we got her home. It’s taken about 3 years to get her used to us but nothing much bothers her now. Although it would be nice if she was a little bit more loving.


  2. Cute post! I’ve rescued dozens of kittens over the years in my work as a veterinary technician. I currently have a cat named Jelly who I acquired when he was 10 days old and hand raised him. He is 7 years old now and has never quite acted like a “normal cat” (whatever that is, lol)


    1. Oh that’s fantastic! My cousin once said I would grow into an old cat lady. I have talked my husband into being cat foster parents so maybe my cousin is right!


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