Quit Eating Sugar…Please!

Ok so we just settled into a routine. The baby is sleeping through the night. The 3 year old loves having her own bed. The 5 year old loves having her own space. The 8 year old ( yep, I’ve got 4 lil’ darlings) will, finally, stay in his own room at night.

Suddenly, it’s a birthday party, family visit, Dad’s stash raid and they’re all high on sugar.

First comes the euphoric high. The little cherubs brains light up like pinball machines as every dopamine receptor gets a double/triple hit. More effective than cocaine. Then comes the manic rush. Little voices climb higher and louder, ricochet off walls and ping off the ceiling. Tolerance, ability to reason, patience, caring decline steadily until the fights break out. Knock down, drag out, rumbles involving teeth (3 year old) kicking (5 year old) and hair pulling (8 year old). Each of them fighting with what they have in order of what will be easiest to hide from Mum according to age appropriateness.

The next stage can be identified by the screaming tantrums, gnashing of teeth and general caterwauling. Finally the subject passes out or vomits and then passes out depending on (over) dosage.

Yes. I know violence is not acceptable and I tell that to my children. And yes. I am aware that sugar is not a requisite for a rumble between siblings. Physical altercations have occurred in our house due to insufficient sleep, too much tv or screen time (a rant for another time), missing their father, hunger and also over respiration. I have told my 5 year old that if she did stop breathing she may avoid annoying her brother in the mornings but that may not result in the most ideal conflict resolution outcome for her. Because respiratiin is a neceesary process if you want to live. Hello, oxygen.

I choose not to feed my children processed food, additives or colourants if I can help it. Only fresh real food and not those cheap cheat meals like frozen pies, 2 minute noodles or chicken McNuggets. Oh no. Not me! (that would be their Dad. Cough. Cough. At least they get fed right?).

Sugar lights up the same area in the brain as cocaine, has no nutritional value and disables the villiai resonsible for nutrient absorbtion in our small intestines. So why let the kids eat any sugar???

In the ideal world they wouldn’t. But kids need to be kids, a treat is a treat and grandparents need to be grandparents. We live so far away from our families that often family members will try to cram months worth of treats into only a couple of days. We try to practice all things in moderation to achieve balance and also to practice kindness and compassion. I try to educate the kids to understand their own choices and provide consequences for those choices (even if they are sugar hang overs).

I guess that’s the joy of other peoples kids – you can load them up with sugar then send them home before the tornados and tantrums.

And that is the end of Day 12 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

Be blessed and be a blessing.

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