Day 18 When you miss your target …

What do you do when you set a goal and don’t quite reach it? Give up? Feel like a failure? Don’t you know it’s all part of the journey?

Hiii! My last full blog I wrote was waaay back at Day 13 or so. You thought I was committed to this blog a day Ultimate Blog Challenge? Where are 14-17???

In the past I may have felt bad about missing the target. I might have felt like I was failing at blogging even though my blog is only 6 weeks old. I would then launch into an array of very legitimate excuses you would not have asked for…

  • It’s the school holidays
  • I’m home alone with 4 kids
  • I have 4 kids
  • One is 4 months old
  • She’s just had her immunisations
  • #1 is having World War 15 (today) with #2
  • My cat died… wait, no sorry, she is still alive.
  • My dog ate my home work … huh? Are you even reading this???

These are just excuses. This is my type “A” personality asserting itself ( … must finish blogs …). Excuses are just noises getting in the way and building up the wall creating the obstacle between you and what you want. Excuses are not necessary. Go around them. Or better yet, enjoy them as part of your journey. Is there something for you to learn in the slight detour in how you use your time right now?

As I write this I hold a sleeping 4 month old. Her little hands are gripping the edge of my pyjamas like we are about to jump out of a plane in that death hold babies have. One day she’s not going to sit still long enough to let me hold her like this. One day she might want to live on the other side of town or country or a world away from me and I might never even get to enjoy her company let alone hold her or watch over her as she is sleeping. So right now, she is more important to me than blogging, housework even chocolate.

Small child digression aside (#4 superpowers must be overcome!). It is a matter of perspective on whether falling short of the target is failure or part of the journey.

But you know what? I’m not upset I have several unwritten blogs on my “to do” list. Not at all! Do you know why???

Two reasons:

  1. I will finish writing the blogs at some stage because there are too many words still trapped inside my head.
  2. The ultimate aim of the Ultimate Blog Challenge is to increase traffic to your blog. As of right now 9:50am on 18 July 2018 … my blog has had 1057 views. It has 20 new followers since 4 June 2018 – including some people I have never met! That is phenomenal!

When I was a small child my mother used to tell me to reach for the stars so that if you fall you’ll still be higher than the mountains. Sometimes if we focus only on what we have not done it is easy to forget what we have achieved.

Shamlessly celebrating my success today!!! The rest will come in good time – just keep on keeping on!

How do you “manage” reaching your goals?

Do you take tume to stop and enjoy the journey?

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Huia xxx

4 thoughts on “Day 18 When you miss your target …”

  1. What a beautiful, honest post. I love it. I used to be incredibly hard on myself if I didn’t meet the goals I’d set. With age (and therapy) I’ve learned that a) I was setting my expectations WAY too high and b) None of these little things really matter in the big picture. Sure, we want to blog every day and complete the challenge, etc. But what really matters? It’s different for everyone, but that’s where we should focus. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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    1. Thanks Ramona! I agree. I think a lot of women are too hard on ourselves because we think we are “not enough”. It’s so special to enjoy the present with her and see the delight she finds in the world.


  2. I loved your blog this is saying it like how you feel so true…😄 Open and honest…. your time with your babies is such a short window of opportunity.
    My mum would say o.k. kids go weed the garden, “WHAT” it’s not my garden….(talking to myself) you see she (mother) planted the seed we the children learned to nurture the crops by weeding the garden did I say the garden was a paddock.,…yip it was our reward for doing this ugly job was a swim in the river…. O yay…!!! nñiicce.
    I believe mothers, modern day mums are truly the warriors of today, they are the invisible thread that holds the family together be appreciated and know that you are not on your own…,LOVE LOVE

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