UBC Day 15: a little something about sugar addiction and faith …

Every now and then I feel like eating a little something. A little something sweet, a little something creamy, a little something

The question is, is my love of chocolate, chocolate cake and Burnt Barrel doughnuts like these ones, greater than my love for God?

Is that emptiness, that craving, that yawning space in my life (stomach, taste buds… head?) actually a craving for God?

Russell Brand certainly thinks so.

How would my life change if I viewed spending time with God the same way I viewed spending time alone with a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake encased in dough and a long black coffee?

Savouring, full flavour of faith and Truth that is the Word of God? Takibg sips from the cup of Water of Eternal Life? Focusing on the temporal, putting aside the desires of the flesh?

What if I gave up as sacrifice, the fat burnt on an offering to the Lord? Chocolate, cream, butter?

The Truth is that we were created to crave a close relationship with God. Sometimes we try to fill that craving with simething else. Can you hear God calling you? Or do you think it’s just a craving for a little somethung sweet?

All good things come from God

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Huia xxx

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