UBC 19: Things We Said …

Here is a list of things my kids have said and things we have said to them that I wish to record in order to embarass them at their 21st birthday and perhaps also at their weddings. After all, there are precious few times we get to pay them back for all those tantrums in the middle of the mall…

  1. But I don’t wanna go toilet. I will just hold my finger on my bum… #3 3 years old.
  2. I love you all the colours of the rainbow! #3 Timeless.
  3. Hey Mum! I will just keep you company until Dad gets home so you won’t be lonely. #1 8 years old – most favourite excuse for creeping into my bed at night.
  4. Wow! Plums grow on trees and you can eat them for free?! #2 4 years old
  5. You have eyebrows.You have an arm. You have another arm … #1 8 years old when he has to say 5 nice things to his sister after a fight.
  6. One day #3 your cuteness is going to wear off then you’ll be just like #2. Said #1 7 years old to #3 2 years old.
  7. Arrrrghh #4 4 months old and fluent in pirate.
  8. Mum, I left my manners at school #1 after winning the Christ-like character award climbs onto the roof of my car in the school carpark.
  9. Me to #1: You are my favourite son #1: I’m your only son!
  10. Turn your ears on! Me. Everyday. Several times.
  11. #2 ‘s nicknames for #1 before the wars started – mine, my my
  12. #2’s nicknames for #1 at the moment – bully, meanie
  13. #1 favourite baby song … J~ J~, kei te pe hea a koe, J~ J~ kei te pai a koe J~ J~ kei te ngenge koe, J~ J~ haere ki te moe
  14. #3 favourite baby song – Esmae, Esmae, you’re ok
  15. Daddy! I want my Daddy! #2 after she’s been told off by her mother while her father is away.
  16. Mum can I marry you when I grow up? #1 5 years old
  17. No, Mum. You can’t choose my future wife for me and I’m not marrying your friend’s daughter so you two can be sisters. #1 8 years old
  18. Mum, what’s that little cup thing do? #1 8 years old points to my Luna cup.
  19. Don’t worry Mum I have a band aid on… #3 2 years old walks out with a sanitary pad stuck on each knee.
  1. Kids,
    3#, #1 & #2 Mandurah Foreshore July 2018
  • Be blessed and be a blessing!
  • Huia xx
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