What Do You Do for Dinner During the “Madness”???

There is a time of day that lasts for about an hour and a half where everybody in the house goes nuts. It’s the witchy hour. It’s when the accumulated craziness of the day sweeps through the house like a wave of toxic gas leaving behind the aftermath of a bad high. Or just a sudden fall in blood sugar when everyone gets hangry waiting too long for their dinner.

Thursdays are the craziest for us. On Thursdays #12 has basketball training, #1 has rugby training and I have soccer training. This starts at 5pm and ends at 8pm. Sometimes we don’t get to eat until 10pm. By then #2 and #3 have collapsed in a heap of tears or passed out from exhaustion.

Today #2 had a bring and share lunch at school. I was tempted to take a tea cake from the bakery. Easy. Done in 2 seconds.
But as a health advocate for real food choices I didn’t want to run into one of my mentees with cake on my face.
So I went with sliced cucumber, celery, capsicum, and carrot (yes I know but it matched the capsicum). Added some diced cheddar cheese (5 years old are not on the program), and Greek style yoghurt as a dip.
We were a bit late to the lunch so I took home a mostly full platter. But I didn’t mind because it’s Thursday. Rugby training, basketball training and then soccer training. Home at 8:15pm. Eating at 9-10pm.

Now, normally I can’t get my kids to eat any of these things without an ice cream bribe but it’s true they’ll eat anything when they’re hungry or is it, kids will eat anything as long as there is a dip? Even yucky plain yoghurt which apparently tastes amazing with raw carrots and celery… who knew???

I’m still on shock they ate the “dip”. Seriously, it was just plain yoghurt.

In the meantime #12 had whacked a chicken in the oven on a timer. So tonight we are having roast chicken. But of course #12 had put a chicken in the oven. Just a chicken. By itself.

So the four other people who are not health advocates are having chicken and mayo sandwiches for dinner.

I decide to set a good example. Again. I do a quick fb live video because the other night I took my stage 2 dinner to indoor soccer and my friends ate it. So I posted up the recipe but it’s just not the same as a live or photos.

My celebrity chef video on Facebook is “trolled” by at least 2 of my children. The baby is screaming in the background like no one is listening. #1 is waving at the camera behind my back.

I concentrate on the steamed broccoli flavoured with a bit of garlic and post up some “after” shots with roast chicken seasoned with Himalayan salt and fresh ground black pepper.

Here is the recipe:
So in my micro steamer I put:
Water in the bottom
200 grams of broccoli
Sprinkled on fried garlic
You can put 100 grams of sliced chicken in the top basket but tonight I didn’t.
Place the steamer in the microwave on 80% for 10 mins and dinner is D.O.N.E!

Everyone is fed and in bed by 8:30pm.

What’s crazy hour like at your house?

#eatrealfood #celery #makegoodfoodchoices #helpsmakegoodchoices #truth #notcarrottho #guthealth #lifestylechange #healthy

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Huia xx

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