Do you want to massively level up your leadership skills??? Please read this …

In March 2017, I joined a multi-level marketing, direct sales company. It was not for the first time. Between is my husband and I have had experience with seven different multi level marketing companies which haven’t worked for us. Why? I hear you ask. Why on earth would we want to do that to ourselves, our friends and our family again?

Well, there are many reasons.

Firstly, I was scared. I had come face-to-face with my own mortality and was scambling for better health choices that would get good health results. Although, I would have settled for anything involving breathing and functional.

Secondly, we needed income. We had experienced a Series of Unfortunate Events and just like a story from Lemony Snickett, Things Had Not Gone Well for us.

Thirdly, I had seen results with my very own eyes from people I knew personally. These results weren’t just health related. These results included cold hard cash in the bank made in the first 2 weeks. We are talking 4 figures.

Finally, while the philosophy of the company seemed a good fit, my sponsor literally sponsored my join up fee. That gave me 12 months to crack the Big Time.

Then June 2018 I was giving it one last shot before I “retired” and then June exploded. July doubled on June and the light dawned! I still didn’t really get the business bit I understood enough to know how to get to the next step. But that’s not the reason for this post. What happened next, well, that’s the reason for this post.

I was reading up on the different levels in the compensation plan and planning generally how to get to the next level, and how to also level up my team, when I took time out to do my Bible reading for the day. I kid you not. This is what I saw:

Phillipians 3:13-14

Bro, I don’t really get it yet either. I just forget the past (month) and keep working towards my next goal. I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me through Jesus Christ.

Say whaaat?!

I had literally just sent something very similar to this verse to a new business partner. Then had a conversation with #12 about the best advice we ever heard on how to be successful in multi-level marketing. Do you want to hear it?


Do you?

Pull a Nike and Just Do It.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t really understand it. Just forget the past and keep working towards your goal. Last month is finished. Set a goal for this month and that’s you. Off you go. You’re on your way.

I’m sorry to say, it took 13 months for me to figure out the business, design a strategy that works for me and my team and promote out above level 1 in both sales and recruiting. 13 months!

Something strange happened during those 13 months. Firstly, God, the Gardener, pruned me back, lifted me up, held me close and produced in me the Fruits of the Spirit. If that makes no sense to you, look up John 15: 1- 8. Secondly, I had many conversations with multiple health professionals about how the body requires certain elements and vitamins in order to function. Essentially I argued with my doctors over every prescription and refused treatment unless I understood what it would do to my body and why. Consequently I learnt a lot about vitamins, iron deficiency and malabsorbtion and how pregnancy exacerbates the body’s requirements for good nutrition, essential trace elements and vitamins. That’s some pretty handy things to know as a Health Advocate for a Gut-Health program.

During my work as a Gut-health advocate, people interested in losing 10-15kgs or 10-15% of their body weight in 30-40 days message me asking how to get started. I send them to my blog or I share my story. Then I mentor them over the next 30-40 days as they make sustainable lifestyle changes through understanding how different food affects our bodies, mood, mind and all the things that flow from these.

I always know when they fall off the wagon and cheat. They don’t respond to my messages, duck out of sight if I see them out and about and generally look guilty when we chat. It’s funny. It reminds me of finding #3 in the closet with an empty packet of Tim Tams.

You either do the things or you don’t. Everything else is just excuses. Oh, you ate a pack of Tim Tams yesterday? Well, you and I both know Tim Tams are not on the list. My job is to uplift you so you feel good about making positive change not shame you over Tim Tams. Pppfff!

The day after Phillipians 3:13-14 popped up in my readings was a lovely passage about just how much God really loves us as His children. He knows Tim Tams are not on the list. He knows we’re hiding in the proverbial closet with chocolate on our face and He loves us anyway.

Here’s the passage in 1 John 3:1

See how great a love has bestowed on us, that we would be called children of God.

I read that. Then I read what Charles Stanley wrote about it and I thought:

How cool is it that supporting people, mainly women, in making good food choices is showing them the love of God?

Want to know more about our gut-health program? Leave a comment!

What have you found in the Silence of the Toddlers?

What’s your best tips for levelling up your business?

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Huia xx

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