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So you’ve made the momentous decision to take the plunge, jump off that fence and kiss your fat self goodbye!!! Ka kite! Or not!

You’ve sent us your email address (or send email address here now). We’ve hooked you up with your very own Modere account – Wait, What is Modere?

So what is all this stuff???

Here’s some information to help describe the program in more detail.

Let’s summarise what we know. There is a gut-health program that thousands of people in Australia and New Zealand/Aotearoa are using to lose weight. In addition to losing weight, mentees are also experiencing the many health benefits of a healthy gut and living clean lifestyle.

This program consists of three stages:

  1. detox
  2. gut healing/calorie restriction
  3. maintenance

Afterwards most people then choose to follow the 80/20 rule to ensure sustainable gut-health as a lifestyle change

The program involves:

  1. a diet protocol of certain behaviours that lead to a long term lifestyle change;
  2. approved foods list and meal plans with recipe books;
  3. nutritional support supplements sourced through Modere and purchased through your Modere account.

Now down to the nuts and bolts…

1. Increase your water intake to 3 litres

The first thing to consider is increasing your water intake to 3 litres. Hot drinks count. A standard glass or cup is 250mls so four standard cups of a hot drink are 1 litre. Water is essential for many of our bodily functions including flushing toxins from the body and enabling our organs to function at optimum capacity. Water simply washes out toxins. In our busy lives it’s easy to forget to drink enough water during the day. Our bodies then mistake thirst for hunger and next thing we know someone eats a whole packet of Tim Tams in one sitting.

Ideally you want to drink 3 litres two hours before bedtime. This will give your system enough time to release it before you go to sleep. Do I need to state what will happen if you drink too much water at night? Hello broken sleep and midnight trips to the toilet. Let your body rest at night and aim to finish drinking water two hours before bedtime.

We recommend using Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) on the program. Make sure you use an organic brand “with the Mother” which is a strand of good bacteria that helps to balance the ph levels in your gut. Apple cider vinegar is another useful “flavour” to add to water. It can also be used in equal parts with Tamari sauce as a salad dressing and marinade.

I prefer a spoonful (5mls) to hot water in the morning as a way to kick start my day. But if you have a lime or lemon tree at home then these would also work. The acidity of the vinegar/citrus helps address the ph imbalance in our gut that comes from a sugar loaded diet.


You don’t have to drink only water. Green tea, camomile, ginger, lemon, peppermint tea all have useful “gut-friendly” properties and also taste good even without the spoonful of honey. Even a slice of lemon or lime in your hot or cold water will help balance your sugar levels as well as help clear your digestive tract.

2. Meal plans

Let’s talk about FOOD! The Phatt program is an elimination diet. In stage 1, eliminate grains, potatoes and sugar from our food intake. Then we also eliminate dairy, eggs and fats. We eat from the approved foods list for each stage. If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t exist. Next we increase cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cucumbers and zucchini in a meal plan which is balanced with our nutritional support. Our general health requirements are nominally met by our nutritional support in addition to (not in replacement of) our meal plans.

You may eat as much as you like from any of the herbs and spices list throughout the program. My favourite seasoning blend is paprika, turmeric and cayenne pepper. An additional blend is ginger and garlic for a different flavour or you can try your own!

Another important flavour is Tamari sauce. My favourite salad dressing that I use on my raw veges (lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini and tomatoes) is equal parts Tamari sauce and apple cider vinegar. Also I use Himalayan salt and black pepper on everything.

It is vital that you should discuss any diet program with your health practitioner before commencing especially if you have or suspect you may have any health concerns including diabetes, high cholesterol heart conditions, are pregnant or breastfeeding. We are not your doctor. We only make recommendations based on our personal experience and the experience of our mentees who have completed the program. Please seek medical advice if you do have a medical condition especially before commencing stage 2.

Fod maps based diet

On stage 2 we follow a calorie restrictive diet and we mono eat in order to rest our gut and allow it to heal. You can view the stage two meal plan here.

Our meal plans for stage 2 and 3 was balanced by expert nutritionists with years of experience seeking various treatments for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The meal plans are based on fod maps and are designed to assist with gut-health because they follow fod maps. They are also dairy, nut and gluten free.

3. Nutritional Support

While a full phatt pack varies between countries as to what is available, there are certain categories that the nutritional supplements assist with in various ways depending on the product. Just click on each product to link back to a product description and be sure to read the Fact Sheet and ingredients prior to purchase.

The categories include:

  1. eliminate toxins
  2. heal
  3. build
  4. superfood
  5. assists digestive tract

Different products can fulfil different functions under the different categories. For example, Modere Aloe Vera is a build and eliminate product that also includes additional ingredients helpful to the digestive tract such as pear juice. These 5 products are the bare minimum nutritional support recommended to avoid symptoms of detox, maintain energy levels and maintain a healthy balance of essential vitamins and minerals while on the program:

  1. Aloe Vera (or Green Qi)
  2. Mineral drink
  3. Fiber
  4. Balance Drops
  5. Digestive Enzymes
Phatt putting health at the top keto diet weightloss
New Zealand Starter Pack looks like this …

Add these additional product for the full pack:

  1. Liver Health (milk thistle)
  2. Endurance (cordyceps)
  3. Green qi (spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, brassica)
  4. D3 plus

Some minerals such as magnesium are most often deficient in our modern diet as a matter of course. It is believed magnesium deficiency is wide-spread due to tired soils from over production, mass production and interference from modern farming techniques.

We can taylor each pack and meal plan to your specific requirements as much as we can within the program. We have different recommendations for nutritional support for those on physically intense training regimes or who want to exercise rather than lose adipose fat. Remember to always seek professional medical advice before commencing any health, diet or training program. See full disclaimer below.

So what does this stuff do???

Here’s a summary of some important information about why we recommend these products and our experiences using them.

Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera product we recommend helps to build good gut health while also working to eliminate toxins. Modere have added additional ingredients to their Aloe Vera that maximizes the benefits while minimising the discomfort. It is very soothing for the digestive system. A great laxative and helps you go to the toilet by helping to moisten everything turning everything soft and regular. It helps to:

  • heal the mucus lining of the small intestine for gut repair.
  • Helps with gastro intestinal inflammation.
  • It’s anti-microbial.
  • It increases collagen
  • It’s an anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating,
  • it’s highly detoxifying and alkalising, opposite to acidic so it helps you store less fat.

It is also a natural antioxidant.
Did you know that the Aloe vera plants juices are considered one of the worlds best agents for the digestive system?
The Aloe Vera used by Modere is certified organic, over 90% concentration from the Aloe Barbadensis species of plant attributed with healing properties, so it’s 200 times greater than the normal juice. Aloe Vera is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women as it promotes uterine contractions.

Some people may experience issues with prolonged use of Aloe Vera. We suggest Green Qi as a substitute if you choose to do the program again or if you do have issues.

Mineral Drink

Mineral drink helps correct nutrition deficiencies, our bodies cannot manufacture minerals or trace elements, minerals are responsible for absorption of nutrients by going through about 300 enzymatic processes. Mineral drink is a simple and effective way to include plant derived phytonutrients into the diet.
It’s active ingredients are sourced from the unique Neydharting Moor in the Austrian Alps. The Alpine Moor biomass is the result of a complex biological process, uninterrupted since the last ice age and is rich in a natural mix of minerals & trace elements.

The Aotearoa/New Zealand product we recommend is Mineral Supplement as Natural Mineral Drink is not available.


Fiber provides a blend of soluble and insoluble fibre as well as pre & probiotic bacteria to help support a healthy condition in the colon and overall digestive function. It is also low allergenic. The main ingredient in Fiber is finely ground psyllium husk. This gently binds the stuff in your system together in order for it to be moved through to elimination, leaving behind good bacteria. It does not contain any sugar.

The recommended daily intake for dietary fibre is 25 g a day for adult women and 30 g a day for adult men. However national survey is consistently show the average consumption is less than 20 g.
Dietary fibre is considered among the most important components of a healthy diet.

Fibre generally helps keep food moving through the digestive system and acts as a bulking agent so undigested food and waste products can be more easily eliminated from the body.

Balance Drops

Eating too many carbs spikes your blood sugar levels which raises your Insulin, that brings it down again and once your blood sugar is dropping you start craving again. Insulin is the fat storing hormone so it holds onto your body fat so you want to get your cravings under control & by following our alkalined meal plan with the support of these incredible supplements.Balance drops help with hormonal imbalances associated with endometriosis, type 2 diabetes, prediabetic and PCOS.
It contains cinnamon for blood sugar control, zinc to enhance your mood, chromium to help fight bread, pasta & sugar cravings. It also contains vitamin D. Balance Drops can be substituted for Hawaiian Noni.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive Enzymes dissolve food with in your intestine and gut promoting healthy bowel movements. It loosens up what is in tour digestive system so that it can bind with Fiber and be expelled with the help of other nutritional support.

Liver Health

Liver Health helps to detoxify your liver. Your liver works really hard to separate nutrients from toxins, what to keep and what to eliminate, in your body. In this way, taking Liver Health contributes to your gut health. A key ingredient in Liver Health is milk thistle. Milk thistle promotes cleaning out your liver. It also promotes lactation in breast feeding women. We advise speaking to a medical professional if you are breastfeeding before following any diet program or taking any supplements.


Endurance will give you stamina and strength throughout the day – even when you exercise. It has a magic mushroom the Chinese use called cordyceps. This pulls everything in and lifts everything up.

Some of our people have found that taking Digestive Enzymes and Liver Health after Endurance will clear you out after about half an hour. So be careful the first time you take them. 😁

D3 Plus

D3 Plus is used in our program to address dietary deficiencies and promote healthy bones through providing calcium and immune system support. Vitamin D promotes immunity and calcium promotes goos bone health. Calcium helps the body absorb Vitamin D.

Green Qi

Green Qi is the superfoods equivalent of a Marvel superhero movie. It has all the big names: spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, brassica and has at least 27 plant based phytonutrients in every scoop. Phytonutrients:

  • help fight diseases including growths.
  • helps with energy levels.
  • is detoxifying.
  • It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

We use it in our program as one of our core alkalising products.
A perfect partner with our alkalising meal plan.

Hawaiian Noni

Hawaiian Noni captures the natural goodness of phytonutrients contained in the fruit.
The high potency formula contains 92% authentic Noni fruit concentrate, enhanced with apple and carrot juice concentrate as well as other plant extracts making it a sensational natural fruit blend that really energises and refreshes while delivering a uniquely delicious flavour and nutritional an alternative to Balance drops and both help reduce sugar and carb cravings. Noni also helps relieve the symptoms of detox headaches, cluster headaches & migraines as well.


A major component of the success of the Phatt program is Goop. Goop describes the morning nutritional supplements mix taken every morning on the program.

My favourite ingredients to include in my Goop are Liquid Biocell Life (has additional ingredients to Pure that are included in Aloe Vera); Energy Shot (for the guaranna, green tea extract and acai berry juice) and Green Qi (superfoods blend on steriods).

Liquid Biocell Life

Liquid Biocell is a revolutionary collagen matrix targeting the aging process. It includes ingestible collagen, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid as well as 10 additional phytonutrients often used to promote vitality.

Liquid Biocell Life with 10 phytonutrients

Learn more about Liquid BioCell here.


Each link for a Modere product is to the Australian Modere website: Please click on the links to read product descriptions and fact sheets.

If you live in New Zealand, the web address is

If you live in US/Canada the web address is

If you live in the UK the web address is

Please Note: Modere pays a commission on recommendations that lead to a purchase. Please use Promo code 396031 if you do not already have an account and you live outside of Australia.

If you do have an account, Modere will pay $10 to you both if you Share the Love of Modere with a friend.

Are your products on their way? Let us know so we can send you the password to our members only page.

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